What is Personal Property Appraising

What is appraising?  It is the process by which a trained specialist identifies, estimates status, excellence or potentiality of an item; and determines the value and authenticity of that item.  Establishing and substantiating value is what appraising is all about.  It is the process of providing and informed opinion as to the authenticity, design, quality, condition and value of an item of property.  In the case of A+ Associates, we are trained in the area of appraising jewelry items.  Our opinion must be backed by the appraiser’s background, training, market experience, and in our case, the use of appropriate gemological equipment.  Thus, appraising becomes a process with no significance other than its relation to some other action such as obtaining insurance, estate tax liability, equitable distribution, financing, investment analysis and others.  It is essential that we recognize that the valuation process establishes the worth of the item; that is, what price a property should bring when sold in the most appropriate market for the stated purpose and function.  Definition provided by the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.


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At A+ Associates, one of our goals is to help you make informed decisions about what to do with your jewelry.  With this blog, the goal is to provide information on various topics including gemology (diamonds and colored stones), antique and period jewelry, the history of certain customs, gold and platinum, auctions, designers, countries where gemstones are mined, lore and much more.